3 years ago

Millionaire Mindset: 100 Reasons Why Exercise

Are you determined to become a millionaire? Then you need to start thinking like one! One of the first steps to cultivating your millionaire mindset is to do a simple but powerful exercise called “The 100 Reasons Why”.

I learned this technique from one of my greatest success role models, Mark Anastasi, the New York bestselling author of The Laptop Millionaire. He explains the process as follows:

Take out a notebook and pen and at the top of the page, write: “100 reasons why I MUST make $XXX per month“. Set the amount to something challenging but still achievable. For example if you’re currently earning $1,200 per month, put $2,500 per month or more. Setting it too high initially will just set you up for failure. Success is a staircase to be taken step by step. Once you reach this goal you can redo the 100 reasons why exercise with a higher amount.

The purpose of this exercise is to find 100 good reasons why having money is good (pleasure) and why not having this amount will cause you to suffer (pain). This will rewire your brain’s associations to money. It will also act as an instant motivator next time you’re faced with a challenge to generate this amount of money. You’ll see all the reasons why your life will be BETTER when you’re making this amount per month.

Why 100? Good question. It’s easy to find 10 or 20 reasons why, but your mind already knows these. That’s why they come easy to you. The point is to CHALLENGE your mind to come up with new connections, which is hard. Hard is good because it means you’re learning and creating new neural associations. Keep on generating reasons why you MUST make this amount per month UNTIL you reach 100. That is the exercise.

When I did this millionaire mindset exercise, I quickly found around 20 reasons why I needed to make £2,000 per month. Finding the other 80 was a real challenge and took me almost a week to come up with the full number. I pushed myself until I reached 100 and I was proud I did. I had rewired my brain to associate money with pleasure instead of pain.

You can take a look at my personal list of 100 reasons why to see how I did it. Don’t copy them because that would defeat the purpose of this exercise. It’s about changing your mindset and not about putting 100 ways why down on paper.

If you complete this millionaire mindset exercise, you will be one of the very few who push through and succeed. Most people don’t finish because they think they can’t find more reasons. There’s an infinite number of reasons why, but you need to THINK, which takes effort and concentration on your part.

For those people who complete this exercise, I will personally congratulate you. You have what it takes to succeed because you finished what you started despite the challenge. I’ll see you in the next millionaire mindset training series 😉

And for those who haven’t finished it yet, I urge you to push yourself. Don’t be lazy. Just do it! You want to be a millionaire, right? This is the best way to start creating a millionaire mindset.