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COACHING: a few tips to get you started

Starting up as a coach and getting ready for your first session? Here are a few tips to get you started

Create a “questionnaire” for yourself

As you are adapting to the individual, you could create a simple “questionnaire” that you use for your first interactions. You don’t need to share it necessarily with the other person but at least you have a thread of questions to follow and you are asking the same set of questions each time. That gives you data to work on.

Why don’t you go ahead and share what’s in your personal questionnaire on this post?

The first session must include setting up a goal that the person wants to achieve

Your first coaching session must tackle in some way share or form What the student want to achieve. Spend as much time as needed to get a clear description on their goals, that it is measurable, time bounded, and that they feel super excited about achieving that goal.

Make sure that the person commits to doing something following your session

Then there should be a part around commitment: find a way for your people to commit to doing something: an exercise, to send you an update, to think about something, but they need to have some clear action to focus on after your session, it keeps them going

Structure: the GROW model

A model you can use for all that is called “GROW”

  • Goal
  • Reality
  • Options
  • Work / Actions

I encourage you to look it up on the web, there is a wide variety of description to help you, it’s much better explained that what I can do here.

Example: https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_89.htm

Create your personal checklist

The other thing I would encourage you to create is a small check list of all the things YOU want to accomplish by the end of the first session:

  • what topics will you cover with the person?
  • what messages do you want to send accross?
  • what information do you want to share?
  • how you want to behave?
  • what actions and techniques you want to use to build rapport?

Manage your time

Finally, a critical point is the management of time for your session. It may feel generous to spend more time in a session, but it’s not sustainable for neither parties, so make sure you stay within a time range that you decide for yourself. During the session, find a non-disruptive way for you to track time and if you know that you have a tendency to lose track of time, set yourself some quiet reminders.


And you? What are your tips? What would you recommend?

Went through your first session? How did it go? Tell us please so that we can learn from you!


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