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Accomplish Your Goals With The Life Compass

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Are you looking for ways to document your goals and track them easily?

Do you find it difficult to follow through the goals you set for yourself?
Have you collected several versions of papers and documents with goals and never really looked back at it?
By following the Life compass process I am about to introduce here, you will be able to not only document your goals using a best in class “Life compass” tool that will follow you for the years to come but you will also put in place an adapted and realistic review process to make your goals follow through as simple as it can be!
The Life Compass tool is a compiled version of the best elements I learnt from famous models: the Secret (Rhonda Byrne), the 7 habits of highly effective people (Stephen Covey), the Power of Full Engagement (Tony Schwartz), and Getting Things Done (Dave Allen).
If you have always wanted to be more disciplined around your goal setting, if you want this year to be different, make the Life Compass tool part of your life.
What does it take to successfully track your goals?
The biggest issue is that people link a lot of pain to tracking their goals. No wonder why they don’t follow through! When I designed the life compass tool, my main objective was to make it as easy as possible for myself to review my goals each month.
Progressively, as I was tracking my goals, I started to identify what elements where key and got rid of all the rest.
This is the structure of the Life compass tool:
  1. Your personal mission statement: Your goals must contribute to what is most important to you in life. They must serve your life purpose. This is how you are going to get excited about progressing on your goals.
  2. Your long term goals: begin with the end in mind by defining your key goals in 5 years from now. Then complete your view with a mid-term view and finish with a third section for your goals by the end of your current year
  3. Your monthly scorecard: this is where you track recurring goals, whether it is weekly, monthly or yearly. For example I put daily 20 mins of meditation, my weekly 6 hours of fitness, my yearly detox and the review of my monthly goals tracker.
  4. Your month-specific goals: this is the list of goals that are specific to the coming month. This is usually done while listing key events you have planned in the next months, and the specific achievements that you are willing to accomplish in that period of time
Goodies: as part of my Life Compass I have also added the Energy Audit from Tony Schwartz to assess my level of energy and to give me an indication of where I could make progress.
Also, I always structure my goals into the following 4 key categories:
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
You can have a look at the Wheel of Life if you would like a more detailed set of criteria.
I could go on for pages about Goal Setting, but I’d rather stop here and encourage you to post your questions.
PS: if you are interested in receive a copy of my Life Compass tool, it is available for online sale at $50. Feel free to contact me directly for further details.